Portion Mas'Aiy of Murders and Marriages Mixed

Portion Mas'Aiy of Murders and Marriages Mixed
Our Torah Portion this week deals with killing - and it's Very "Today"!
CRIME sounds like it's built into America - but Mass Murder Shootings?
Murder. It sounds so evil - and it IS!
On Thursday a Palestinian Arab rammed his car - while driving on the other side of a solid while line - to  hit a car
which was
Driven by a Jewish woman with her 4 kids inside,
  killing the 6 year old boy,
and putting his family in the hospital .
With his baby brother in pediatric intensive care - a boy was murdered - 
While the two in the ramming car got away  in the "palestinian territory".
We all know that huge stipends are paid by the PA to terrorists who kill Israelis - and to their families -
And American tax money pays for some of this - with European partners , despite the Taylor Force Act passed by Congress!
This is murder.
The Torah is lenient in accident csses - But Not With Murder.
In our Portion, 
Jewish Judges are adjured to utilize  models for deciding who is a murderer and Who is Guilty And - what is truly accidental. 
 I just got a long article on that of Rabbi Neriya's,
About who The Torah says is to investigate murders, and
Who who to bring to court ,
And how to decide on  those who were not premeditating.
And how sometimes,
our ancient justice system decided on execution of murderers.
So the Torah is NOT out of date!
So what do we ALSO find in our Portion that
 is the Jewish Opposite of what we discussed above?
On returning to Israel last week, one of my two study partners greeted me and said, He was very hapy after he had 
Just come back after a week stuck home with Covid,
BUT he was SUPER happy as he
Said his Daughter just got engaged!
And speaking of Traditional Marriage
I was so happy that well...
We All Need To Celebrate More Simchas -
Joyous Jewish Happenings.
Putting it all Together to Finalize this SHABBAT reading of Book 4 of the
5 books of Moses this Shabbat
Rabbi Carlebach taught us that
Moses' last Official Duty,
Was to precide at what the ending of our 
Portion Ma'Say depicts-
The Weddings of the 5 Daughters of Zelafchad!
May this summer turn into a
Great Time of Joy - for all good SOULS
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz