Portion Teruma - the Pirate Ship and Laser Defenses - and the Desert Temple

Portion Teruma - the Pirate Ship and Laser Defenses - and the Desert Temple
How did Israelites in the Sinai Desert "build back better"
And how did the Israeli Prime Minister this week  release a New Level of Laser Defense, while the Defense Minister keeps running abroad - wanting the Prime Minister job of some future date
And how does Rebbe Nachman's story about the Kaiser's daughter-turned-pirate bring us, peace of Shabbat - and the world to a new level of Spirituality?
Was there a HO HO HO and a BOTTLE OF RUM in the desert?  NO! No rum in the Desert Temple (the Mishkan)
 (drunk Priests could NOT serve the Almighty)
This portion details the DONATIONS needed to build the
Mishkan  in the desert - goatskins and gold,
wood copper and silver - and a few spices
There is a dispute among Torah Sages whether everything in the desert Temple, Solomon's Temple, and Ezra's Temple had to be similar.
Rashi (800 years ago) wrote that the same tables and implements had to be in ALL the future Temples
Ramban (about the same time) disagreed - as not relevant  - but implied maybe Solomon's Temple maybe kept the Style of the Mishkan implements
Ohr Hachaim (200 years ago) mentions that  argument,
But in His wisdom thinks Maybe the SPIRIT has to 
Or maybe the functioning?
But us?  Our Synagogues? Spirit? Function? or Details?
How do we carry on the tradition and PURPOSE of all the 
previous Great Holy Temples of our people?
Maybe our Temple Histories are "captured" - 
In a pirate story by Rebbe Nachman of Breslav
A Princess gets separated from her betrothed Prince - 
and they both end up searching for each other passing through a DESERT
But obviously they are each traveling in the WRONG DIRECTION
(like the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister?)
(Rebbe Nachman says the Princess represents the holy spirit of G-d
and the Prince is the Peoplehood of Israel)
But the beautiful Princess needs to escape all those trying to capture her
and tie her down to prosaic or political life!
So what's a smart girl - a holy princess - got to do?
She Steals a Ship (and brings some talented girls on board)
But they are captured by pirates (sort of like our Holy Temples)
but the spirited girls outwit them all!
And she and 11 girl sailors sail away-
tossing the pirate silver and copper -
With keeping only jewels and the GOLD of the pirates -
And maybe Rebbe Nachman is telling us 
For building the third Beit Hamikdash Temple!
(Oh and if you ASK, I can tell you how the Holy Spirit gets 
the People of Israel to see the Flowers - uh in the Third Temple ...
uh - stay in touch
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz