Portion Va AyRah : Symbols or Cymbals

 Portion Va AyRah : Symbols or Cymbals
When Moses was "announced"ת coming before Pharoah - was he 
sometimes announced with drums or cymbols? Think about  how things were done 3500 years ago.
Sometimes Moses and Aron had to sneak around the guards - because they were not always welcomed...
But - after all - Moses grew up in the palace. He must have still had "a few connections" to get around ... even though they were not so belooved any more.
Let's face it though - he and Aron walked around with BIG STICKS that could be turned into CROCODILES,
and they turned the Nile into Blood, and released frogs and lice... HUH? WHAT? Of course no one really loved them any more in Egypt!
Yes - the portion tells us here that Moses and Aron introduce 7 of the 10 plagues on Egypt.
Was there any fanfare, drums or cymbols as each plague was introduce? Not likey.
OR WAS THE ALMIGHTY SENDING SYMBOLS that some of the Egyptians finally "got"?
But what are all the plagues if not symbols? (See also the Marcus Lehman Hagadda.)
To us or to THEM?
What fanfare do WE give these portions - do most Jews even cursorily read them? Even at the Passover Seder?
Take for instance in the Zohar. (TO KEEP IT SHORT )
the whole thing with the Sticks into Crocodiles by Aron's staff.
It says in the portion that Pharoah's advisors could also 
do the "stick to crocodile thing."
And then it says that  - well, let me ask you:
Why did Aharon's staff have to swallow the magicians' crocodiles?
It's not a story - it's a symbol!
It wasn't Aron's CROCODILE that ate the the "advisors' Crocodiles".
The ZOHAR says it was a DOUBLE miracle - and DOUBLE SYMBOL
Even Aron's DRY stick (his staff turned back to a stick
after Moses' demonstration) -
 ate the crocodiles/snakes/what-have-you - that 
the Advisors to Evil (Pharoah) produced.
A warning to Egypt? Okay - for that time.
The symbol of ISRAEL Overcoming EVIL? For Every Generation!
May we overcome the snakes of antiSemitism
and the Crocodiles of a Corrupt UN and world leaders,
And Bless the World with our
SYMBOLISM that what they think of as an OLD DRY STICK (us)
is really going to revive true freedom from the Pharoahs of the world
and sprout (like later on IN THE TORAH) and 
bring forth Almond BLOSSOMS - in the desert 
And in Israel Today
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz