Portion Vayee Gash - the last stop before 250 tough years

Portion Vayee Gash  -  the last stop before 250 tough years  
The basic idea here was voiced some years ago by Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neriya (zatza"l) - but I have to ask a question regarding the significance of Jacob's prophecy
As the song goes:
Sometimes you're up
Sometimes you're down!
And So Too the Kabbala teaches us not to get Hung Up over
where we might "be" in our lives - but to
to improve our lives and the world in general
From this week's portion I ask:
Why did The Almighty appear to Jacob in Be er Sheva
(At The Northern Tip of the Negev Desert) before going to Egypt?
(Reminding him that the going was getting tough,
but that the Almighty would always be with his descendents,
and they would return to the Land of Israel, Land of their forbears).
Why not just as he reunited with Joseph, who could use the prophecy?
Or when the brothers returned from Egypt with the first news of Joseph?
And why did prime Minister Bennet not go INTO Arab towns on his Chanuka tour of the Negev last week?
And I ask - did the 11 brothers also see or hear the prophecy?
 (or the 10 who were there - 
since probably one was with Joseph down in Egypt...)
Why not in Hebron? (Actually we are not SURE where the family was living at the start of the fateful trip down to Egypt that ended in slavery)
So I believe the Lesson in the Portion from the Prophecy could only 
be understood by Jacob - who loved ALL his family - 
despite the troubles he had gone through
The brothers were NOT at that level, as we see even years later,
as when Jacob left the world, the brothers were afraid that
Maybe Joseph would Take Revenge.
Even after freedom from slavery and entering Israel, there was a lot of rivalry and in-fighting between tribes - and
only RARELY  were leaders like KING DAVID able to UNITE them all.
Prime Minister Bennet has to figure out how to deal with Iran and Arabs (like the Beduins in the Negev),
so it seems that he may have lost track of 
Not that he asks me what to do - but
King David was a MASTER at dealing with the foes of Israel -
and UNITING all the Israelites made his whole career WORK better.
Maybe we should all help in this task this Shabbat - Uniting us ALL?
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz