Portion VayayRa : The Angels are Back

 Portion VayayRa : The Angels are Back
When did you ever meet an angel? 
Angels are a theme in this portion and in some others.
In the daily prayers we say
"L-rd: the Angels praise you"
And this Shabbat Portion starts with Abraham running to feed a few Angels disguised as Arabs!
So what do we learn about here - about Our forefather Abraham?
Or his kindness -Chesed - to three weary drop ins?
Hey -Thats the J.jewish way of life -
but Moslems practice that Abrahamic Mitzva of inviting guests too!
Maybe We are supposed to learn
How to be angels and help Angels do their work!
So last night I am getting off the bus at 10 PM
and at the rear door,
there is a lady with lots of shopping bags - and a kid sleeping on the sidewalk
(Foolishly?) I ask if she needs help.
I said "How are you going to carry the kid and all those bags?"
She answered, "He fell asleep on the bus and i don't know what to do.
I live across the street"
So I scooped up the bags (my knapsack wasn't too heavy), 
she scooped up the kid, and I followed her across the street.
"Uh oh," she said, "Those three Arabs coming up the street frighten me. Let's go this way"
and she started off tp the right.
I'm thinking, "Maybe they are really 3 angels?" - but I don't know where we are going.
I followed her around the 2 buildings - for about 4 blocks -
 until we came to just below where the bus stop was!.
I put the bags in front of her door and said good night.
Walking back up the hill I saw the three young Arabs, and said "Hello" - and
they answered "Good Night".
So who were those three? Arabs or Angels? 
(I mean in the portion! So read the portion and find out!).
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Rabbi Andy Eichenholz