Portion Lech LeChah - Weddings and Warriors

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I Went to a Moroccan Persian wedding this week.  Last night the couple came by because I am letting them store their gifts in my storage room for a month until  they can move into the apartment they rented.
I had to also speak to them a bit - aboout communication and communicating feelings. Also always a good review for me!
As to the portion - so Abraham - how did he get so many friends,
 after moving to a new country - enough to raise his own army?
And an old man at that! 75!
He made friends - NOT with Pharoah or the Philistines,
but Aner Eshkol and Mamre - 
whose names are preserved forever around Hebron - to this day!
This was a tough week for me, attending
A memorial for an old friend who passed away- 
after nearly half century of marriage
And This Morning after prayers an
Other guy mentioned he got divorced this summer 
after 50 years of marriage - but the 2 years of CORONA were hard!
Corona has left a path of "destructed" people and families!
G-d protect us from any more!
SO - Why was I invited to tha t wedding?
My job was to connect some estranged people ... and
It seemed to work!
Besides that a couple of 55-60 year old guys were amazed - and
ASKED ME How I Was Dancing with the mostly 20-25 year old guys
(the women were dancing on the other side of the room...)
But I still was able to motivate some of the older  ? (Old 50-60's) 
semi drunk crowd keep dancing as long as the music played!
So the 75 year old Abraham has to go rescue his kidnapped nephew who was hanging out with some nasty characters - too much for most people?
So he raises a posse - do you think they were all 75 year old geezers?
They were BELIEVERS and followers and friends!
Rebbi Nachamn of Breslav teaches :
Never Be Old
Dont act old
Dont think old
Keep dancing ... and helping to rescue the world
Think of all the ways to keep 
BECAUSE you have some holy work to do ALL YOUR DAYS!
I was wearing a cap on the bus, and this lady says to me
What teams do you follow?
She says "me and my husband are from Chicago 
and we are 91 year old 
CUBS fans.
I don't even know if the team still exists - but she ceratinly does!
Shabbat Shalom - stay healthy and think POSITIVE
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz