Portion BuraySheet - Starting the Torah Year Differently

Portion   BuraySheet - Starting the Torah Year Differently
The Creation Stories in this week's portion (Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, etc.)
begs a response:
How do we Examine the beginnings of Human History from a Spiritual Analysis in 2021
The Yalkut May Am LoAyz brings Midrashic and other explanations of:
Heaven, Earth, Angels, and G-d's Creations - which may be a bit much to modern people.
So then it says:
Dont waste more time than these statements-
because you will never know what's really in Heaven, etc.
But then it explains some of the history of the world -
starting with Adam and the fig leaves!
After eating from the tree of knowledge the Almighty gives Adam and Eve some CLOTHES.
The Yalkut May Am LoAyz brings  an explanation: 
It connects all the names presented ... from Adam thru Abraham...
and I give just a taste of it here.
The clothes from G-d aren't like our regular clothes - they are IMMORTAL G-dly clothes!
Adam passed them down to be used for a good purpose - 
but they were stolen by Cham son of Noah
who passed them down to Nimrod - the bad king who used them for War
When Abraham started to teach about G-d - Nimrod got worried - and tossed
Abraham into a fire - but Abraham escaped,
and he and Terach his father had to leave town -
So it's not the CLOTHES that make you IMMORTAL -
because Nimrod and his cronies aren't here -
It's the 
Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz