Portion Haazinu - Moses' Great Song Tops the Charts

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Moses is the greatest example of Rebbe Nachman's Rule Number 1!: don't be old!
How did he actively stay young? By EXAMPLE he taught :
Sing and heal thyself (as I have heard many have done) and
Dance and heal thyself - as Rabbi Carlebach taught!
So here a a portion - Haazinu Hashamayim - singing - but also WARNING - You Gotta Watch out too!
Play by the Almighty's Rules - and the Teachings of Moshe Rabaynu - our teachert - and
Contribute to G-d's plan!
I hope everyone had a meaningful Yom kippur,  and are feeling well - and
a little lighter (unburdened by extra spiritual worries and maybe a pound or two   :)   ?
Shabbat Shalom - Getting Busy for Shabbat and the upcoming holiday
(and my flight home, please G-d)
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz