Portion Ru-aiy : Is the Torah Speaking to ME?

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Okay. RUAIY means SEE not LisTEN - 
But did anyone ever say to you, SEE WHAT I MEAN?
Did you Ever feel that some portions 
of the Torah ARE,
 and some portions just
Aren't Speaking to YOU?
Maybe you didn't SEE the MEANING!
It's not just the 3000 years since it was given us as a present.
But isn't there a fence (not a wall)
 inside of us,  that makes us 
sometimes jump and Connect - 
to a kitten, a puppy, a child, a sunset? - 
and Sometimes NOT?
So the portion SHOWS us ALL and says:  
WHEN you Go Up to the Land of Israel - 
and look UP at
these 2 mountains 
(surrounding where you shall bury Joseph-
that Jew that Saved the World from Famine,
Something to Think About!)
You will be given the chance to become
Har Grizim people ( a hill of lush growth)!
But Then Turn around and look at non lush
Har Eyval - where to this day nothing grows!
See- you dont want to be that way!
SEE If you want to grow, says the portion,
Or Not to grow
That is the question.
But you will all be happier
As Jews and As Humans
If yes to the Blessing of Grizim
No to the sadness in Eyval Mountain
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz