Portion Aykev in the Park Hotel

Portion Aykev in the Park Hotel


the portion says "if It happens that you will listen.  (To my commandments)


So how was it that

many years ago

One Passover night - while fulfilling the SEDER commandments


A few naval Arabs floated in to where we are praying now


Killed families

And children?


You shouldn't know from this here now -

 let's hope for the future,

 but we need to understand....


Evil ... The Kabbalists call it " the Primordial Snake "


Cursed in the Garden of Eden to be our enemy ... for "tripping us up".


The Kabalists say "the snake" (or its surrogates)

 weasels into our minds that


We should demean some commandments ... And 

that leads to eventually dropping them all!


Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach says,


We Jews fight the Snake - but how?

We do it with Simcha! Doing even LITTLE mitzvas with JOY!


Especially stuff that "doesn't look important" - 

do it for the Almighty with JOY!

Do it for the Shabbos - with JOY!


Say gutt shabbos to 10 people this week -B Simcha - with JOY!


Shabbat Shalom


Rabbi Andy Eichenholz