Portion Balak2021 – What's the Worry for the Wizzard? Anti Semitism Today

 Portion Balak2021 – What's the Worry for the Wizzard? Anti Semitism Today

In Portion Balak there is a "Talking Donkey" and it's Master – the Worrisome Wizzard (Bilam)

There is the Crazy King (Balak) who dreams he is really Grass being Eaten by an Ox – so on "advisement", he sends women –missionaries to convert the Israelites to Idolatry. Smart?

Where is the Relevance for Today? Read the Torah Portion - AND

Just read the  Israel Today Newspaper about anti-Semitism!

And see the INN article about the dead missionary buried as an Ultra-Orthodox person!

The paper quoted a British foreign minister – speaking on Anti Semitism thru the ages  

And the butcher of Teheran as - Iran's new President!                    

WHY Couldn't Balak just be like Edom and just ask the Israelites "not to enter our Land"?

Or even JUST SELL WATER TO THE JEWS as Moses asked all the nations (in today's Jordan)?

The foreign minister recapped the ancient Greek anti Semitism thru 2000 years to Germany, up to current Arab Anti-Semitism.

So who is the Talking Donkey today? Is she (yes, in the portion it is a female donkey)  Iranian or European – or in the West? Or the Missionary woman buried a few months ago in Israel because she "operated" for years dressed as an Ultra Orthodox woman!(Currently there is an outcry to move her …)

 Did he have an IRRATIONAL FEAR and HATRED fanned by EVIL ADVISORS?

Why didn't ALL the Canaanites make peace with the Israelites who left Egypt? (some 




I just had a granddaughter born and its almost shabbat





Why can't the world get it?

Who actually reads the writing on the wall"?

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi A