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This portion holds a direct warning -and promise - to the current Israeli politic about what can happen when politicians fight over positioning
Some people get burned (like those who tried to offer incencmse outside tge Temple rules.)
And here this week - Arabs set fires all around especially in Jerusalem forests. Direct prophetic result?
But also and mostly unnoticed
Were all the traffic jams around Jerusalem!
We should have known something was up, 'with all those backhoes Stopping Traffic!
Why I Almost missed the Pidyon Haben in Ramot!
And theres the rub, as Shakespeare would have said.
The portion tells us,
A baby - a firstborn - opening up such new vistas for a family-
So that a deal of 5 shekels must be made
With the holy Teacher Priests, just 
As written in this weeks Portion,
And I witnessed this tradition in Ramot
And I bless the family
And all of us,
And especially Baby Yishai
To keep making our traditions beautiful.
And the archaeology egg story this week!
israel news announced 
That a site in Yavneh ,
Found an ancient industrial area from the late Byzantine era.
And there they found 
 a 1000 year old whole chicken egg -preserved!
Probably not
 An omen for rejuvenation rebirth and renewal when the new Israeli government is sworn in on Sunday
But maybe a challenge to preserve Israel for the next thousand years?
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
תשובהתשובה לכולםהעברה