Portion Bamidbar : the Army the Airforce and the Guys Below the Hill Here

Portion Bamidbar : the Army the Airforce and the Guys Below the Hill Here

In this week's portion Moses and the tribal leaders review the Israelite soldiers,
before marching off to conquer Canaan.

What does the Gerer Rebbe Sefat Emet (quoting Medrash Tanchuma) explain? That
each and every one of us - each and every day (especially on Shabbat)

You know, I could have called my "talk" here "the Defense Minister and the Gerer Rebbe"  
But since I started this draft - there are Arabs massing and organizing below this hill -
and it don't sound pretty. Yesterday a neighbor was hit by a rock from "a neighbor".

Defense Minister Gans is attacking Gaza - hopefully what's left of an administration here
will do away with the Terror Infrastructure and pay off Abbas and Fatah to return Gaza to
the control of less bloodthirsty Arabs. Who Knows? BUT BUT BUT -

Are you with us America?

Are we doing this just for ourselves? The Sfat Emet says WE AR DOING IT TO TEACH THE WORLD TO END TERRORISM.

Which Do you think would give the Iranians more pleasure?

To atomic-bomb Israel and have the fallout blow over to Iran

Or to blow up DC or LA or NY?
Israel to them is a "usurper"
but the US IS to them THE DEVIL. RIGHT?

So -What was the reasoning behind Moses surveying and counting the troops in the desert?

To make us feel
Divided into little militias?
Equal and Competitive?
To put  G-dly purpose and structure to this unwieldy assembly of freed slaves? OR

Did the Almjghty want to imbue them with some self respect and PURPOSE?

Witness Israeli troops fightjng to protect the Jewish G,-dliness of Israel and Israeli people

This and all other wars areTestimony to thhe Almighty's People Land and Torah

I dont have all the answers to anything

So many things are so hidden

This is a world where we all have come so far,
And yet simple things sometimes trip us up
Despite the best intentions we may have

I study in Yiddish a few minutes a day- mostly the wild stories of Rebbe Nachman.

This morning we read about the blind hobo admitting at a wedding that he was not really blind!

He says " I just dont want to look at the world like it is".

On Shabbat its like that. I just dont NEED to DO STUFF or make phone calls (except in emergencies like WAR).

Keeing Shabbat Even a Few Hours At A Time is-
like the Sefat Emet wrote -
doing TESTIMONY for G-d's purpose and plan - and is a spiritual joy for THE WORLD!

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz