Portion Emor - on Death, and Holidays, Tuma and Tragedy

 Portion Emor - on Death, and Holidays, Tuma and Tragedy
(Tuma means :ritual impurity" - often associated with being in contact with a deceased person)
Yesterday in Meron, Israel, Somebody Slipped and their Fellows Fell;
And tragedy was like the Pandemmic ... And souls left the world last night on Meron Mountain.
Please o G-d, teach us your ways -that they enter into Every Heart! 
We Must not Fall -  We must not Fail -
for the sake of all Israel and the World.
There are no holy words to comfort after this tragedy...
The Almighty could not comfort Aaron on the loss of 2 of his sons.
I remember when I couldn't comfort my grandfather when he lost his second son (my Uncle Mo when I was 13)
And Moshe - Moses- cannot comfort us this portion - this week .. where
The Priest is enjoined from being in contact with the deceased in the beginning of the portion-
But can the end of our portion here -teachings of the HolyDays
connect holidays to help comfort those new mourners - or at least DIRECT us somewhat?
The Chief Rabbi says "don't start with the blaming." He is correct. But we need more positive ideas!
I say we Must Teach (sensitivity? decorum? safety? control?)
Reb Shlomo Carlebach said - we are supposed to SHINE ... shine a Holy Light
Into every heart and soul (maybe transferring some of what I wrote just above).
This week's Portion concludes with a review of our HolyDays - for many reasons ...
The Almighty  is found there in those Holidays-
and is waiting for us on Shavuote TO RECEIVE THE TORAH IN A PLEASANT WAY.
Not LIKE YESTERDAY on MOUNT Meron -but in Jerusalem, like it was in Mount Sinai
Shabbat Shalom - and may Hashem comfort all Israel soon - and all the world
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz