Portion Terumah - By the Dawn's Early Light

The portion is about building the Tabernacle in the Sinai Desert

What's that go to do with pouring rain – and some snow in Jerusalem Wednesday night?

And why is the Almighty showing how to train a philanthropic soul the way to fix the world?

According to the Kabala view, each of us is on this planet to contribute something special.

The portion starts out with EVERYONE of the Israelites contributing something in the desert.

EVERYONE! Some gave gold some gave silver, some wove threads for the curtains.

So – knowing human nature – we need to ask - but were there some character  just giving advice ?

Actually - almost yes! The Almighty? Wasn't he the planner and just telling Moshe what had to be done?

But the Medrash tells us, that when Moses did not know how to make something – the Almighty  did it forUS-FORhim-FORtheWORLD.

Yes when it came to creating a lamp of pure gold, the great teacher Moshe couldn't figure out how to make it of "ONE BEATEN PIECE OF GOLD" so

G-d speaking "Throw it into the fire and it will come out as I told you," –

And the Almighty Himself created that beautiful Temple Menorah –

The symbol of light and wisdom and holiness FOR THE WORLD –

Which over a thousand years later, the Roman Legions carved onto the

Arch of Titus (the wicked destroyer) as if to say "we have defeated

light and wisdom and holiness FOR THE WORLD" – BUT HAVE THEY? COULD THEY?

NO! And every time our "giving nurturing volunteering" soul does ITS PART –

We fulfill the message of that menorah –

Bringing light and wisdom and holiness FOR THE WORLD.

Whether it is bringing soul to the desert, Torah to the corrupt Canaanites, creating

"The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" (drop the revisionist detracting please)

Bringing water and healing to Africa, or volunteering for people with disabilities …

Neither snow nor rain nor … nuclear threats can stop the Israelite Vision of

The Menorah of the Almighty – from shining into the world.


Read the Portion to see how much work goes into that!


Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz -  from snow and slush covered Jerusalem!