Portion Mishpatim - the Girl and the Baby Carriage?

Portion Mishpatim - the Girl and the Baby Carriage?

So here we are still with Challenges and Problems with Israeli Semi Lockdown - so what does the Torah portion say?
Let's Just take the busses in Israel:

Yesterday I thanked one driver that yelled at a couple of people who did not put their masks over their mouth and nose, which is required - But was I right?

I did not say a word about the obese person with the shopping cart who did not swipe her ravKav (like the NY metroCards),
But was I right? Was I doing what is right in the eyes of the Almighty?

So here, I wish to focus on 3 sentences/ideas in the portion

Enemy (donkeys)
Dogs and Holiness
Shouting at G-d
(Which appear in reverse order in the fifth aliya of this week's portion)

But first hear this: yesterday in Bnei Brak (similar to Boro Park) I see a maybe 20 or 21 year old girl with 2 kids - 
one in a baby carriage and the other a toddler under 2 -
and when I heard a mother scream - I stopped the toddler from running into the street...

But did I break "the code" about not seeing females?
Okay, so I helped them get into the crowded bus when no one else lent a hand -
But what about the "code of the "ultra" separation of males from females?

Maybe those people in Bnei Brak didnt read this weeks portion yet,
But it's written "even your enemy 's donkey you have to help!"

But crowded uncaring busses in RED zones during the Pandemic?
The portion points out here that we even reward dogs for not barking when we left Egypt ... 
So ...Young kids having lots of kids - okay - an issue in itself -but young husbands not helping the Wife and kids go where- maybe to grandma 's?
Maybe even do a mitzvah for the reward?

Okay, maybe the father didn't know, and the people standing around were doing or planning other mitzvas...

But it also says the Almighty will not ignore the shouting of those abused ... -
is it because no one else really is listening? Or is it hard with all the noises from the street...?

In Israel there are so many hurt lately - why are all the politicians Doing their Regular Politicians Things?

Maybe they really ARE all thinking of the general good - BUT WE SHOULD ALL HAVE STRENGTH TO

AND maybe the politicians - and we - should all read the Torah too 
And try to live by all the Good and Great ideas in this week's portion

Shabbat Shalom and Blessings from Jerusalem

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz