Portion Shemote: Burning Baby (car), Burying the (passing) Jews, and the Flight to Israel

Portion Shemote: Burning Baby (car), Burying the (passing)  Jews, and the Flight to Israel
What a Portion - a whole new life - a new beginning
for the Children of Israel (of Jacob) and a message to us every day!
First some questions - Was it easy for Moses' mother to hide him for three months?
While the other kids were being tossed into the Nile, his Mom Yocheved hides him - like during the holocaust.
Somehow there was always someone ratting on others - so it WAS A MIRACLE THEY (or anyone) SURVIVED!
And it is obvious that Moses' father hid his wife Yocheved for a few months too, and brought them food - like in some holocaust stories.
And those holocaust stories of bravery are true!
Don't Ever Forget every Jew who survived the holocaust was a miracle story.
I personally know someone born in a ghetto and hidden for a year,
and someone born in a cave under the noses of first the Nazis and then the Russians! Lives in NJ.
So the Torah gives us a glimpse into the cruelty of the Egyptians (some of ther world) 
and the bravery of Moshe's family.
May we be saved from the cruelty of the world 
- and may the world FINALLY GET IT that G-d wants gentleness devotion and love.
So unfortunately David from NY suddenlypassed on this week with no children.
The people from work and his neighbors - mostly gentiles -
described his gentleness and helpfulness for many years.  
May those feelings of appreciation carry over to others and to other good deeds in David's memory. Indeed he was a caring and sweet man - I'm sure he was like Moshe's father Amram - who probably was able to save his family because people loved him and everyone covered for him despite the Egyptian cruelty.
David's Holy Cousins arranged the funeral which I performed on Wednesday - 
a Great Mitzva - despite my crazy USA schedule and
before rushing to the airport to come back to the Holy Land.
On the way - my friend's car caught fire! 
On the NJ Turnpike we were going towards the Lincoln tunnel.
Hundreds of cars passing us and honking on BOTH SIDES! - But nobody stopping.
Mike the driver runs out, gets me and his son out, and grabs a few things while I and the son run to the side.
After a few minutes a big white car drives up and stops.
Forget terrorists and kidnappers (first thoughts of the others).
This not uyoung lady with a heavy Russian accent says "can I give you a lift to port authority?" (NYC bus station).
She says "I am not Jewish but I see an old (thanks!) Rabbi with a white beard 
standing with a suitcase opposite a fire on the highway
"How can I not stop the traffic and offer you a ride?
"It is like me seeing Moses and the Burning Bush in this desert of unfeeling humanity."
Meanwhile there is all this honking and what to do? My friend is calling for a tow, traffic is stalled -
so I said goodbye to my friends who agreed... I
throw my stuff intot the car - and get to New York!
There her friend - the owner of the car - drives me to JFK and I make the plane on time!
So Shemote is the story of saving others
then of inspiration at the burning bush
and the difficult decision to do what's right in the face of threats (Pharoah and the New Jersey Turnpike Traffic).
May we all be inspired to be part of the rebirth of humanity in the spirit of the Bible.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz