Portion EyKev - The Beirut Blast and the Bronx Bombers?

Portion EyKev - The Beirut Blast and the Bronx Bombers?
I was back praying in the Great Synagogue - actually OUTSIDE the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem.
They still don't have fnds for a Corona Cleanup and the cintinued cleaning - it's just too big.

There used to be a couple of "good old guys" who grew up near me and Yankee Stadium
who I used to pray with in that synagogue..
Sadly they passed away recently.

The Sephardi 6AM minyan pray OUTSIDE 6:45 so I joined them this morning

The elders of the group are from Irq Egypt Morocco - and I think one is from Syria and One from - yes - Lebanon!

One guy spoke to me out there on the street saying - you know who the eplosives were meant for? US.

It's a miracle that some idiot probably lit a match there and ... the Almighty saved us again.

Most Rabbis on this portion - EyKev - say the first line in the portionis-
to remind us about the little mitzva things we ignore but should be doing - as the people of G-d.

Today I think it's to remind us about the little MIRACLES
that are really BIG MIRACLES - that we ignore we should be thankHE WORLD -
 as the people of G-d.

Stay well
Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz