Portion Korach - Survival of the Fittest?

Portion Korach - Survival of the Fittest?
Who and what was Korach? Moses' cousin - and a rival for leadership of the Temple Cult.
He was smart - but his name Kor Rach means - cold of spirit. Think about that.
In this portion, Moses has some detractors, so ...What doès he do?
He tries to reason with them!  Maybe some people just like to make trouble?
So things aren't perfect there in the desert -Still, isn't it better than slavery?
The complainers were really fighting the Almighty - why pick on Moses and Aron?
Moses had a cushy life before the Almighty laid the whole Egypt thing on him!
And then - he didn't need 40 years in the desert  -
and he could have taken the two tablets with him and gone back -
to Midian with his father in law .. for an easy retirement
G-d doesn't like complaining.
G-d doesn't need pettiness.
Insensitivity (including greed) is like a virus!
And Habbit - it keeps you from stepping up to the plate when needed!
So Korach seems to have got a lot of people fired up and challenging Moses -
because of the above 4 "cardinal mistakes."
And there was a fault under where they stood opposite Moses -
and the earth swallowed them up!
So who survived?
Ohn did because his wife didn't let him join the confrontation.
And the children of Korach survived - and later became leaders - but they "saw the light" -
It was the light Moses brought down from Sinai - and it covered him - so that it says
"When Moses walked through the camp in the desert he had to wear a HEAD COVERING -
because he was SO RADIANT!
That's what the Torah can do for all of us - make us SHINE!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz