Portion Be Choo Ko Tai - Two Rabbis' Concepts getting closer?

Portion Be Choo Ko Tai - Two Rabbis' Concepts getting closer?
Here I am a bit jetlagged and a bit confused in the Jerusalem Quarantine for Recent Arrivals where I lost my cell phone. Miraculously I am able to get a new one deliverd in 6 hours, and figure out how to set it up in 4 hours, and still teach a Hebrew School class on Zoom in NY, and - get some sleep.

Next miracle - when I wake up - I get a whatsapp from a teacher-friend which reminds us the Portion tells us about "the 50 year ..." - what?
The Almighty says: "Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land..." - the Yovel 50th year release! And we are in the middle of counting the 50 days to Shavuot and Mount Sinai's Torah experience.
And the Rabbi reminds us the Gematria (numerology) of 50 means :YAM (meaning ocean) or ME (meaning who). So he quotes a Torah line saying "who (ME) will heal us?" Also that YAM is pure water like a Mikvah to be Cleansed Spiritually.
This week before I left New York to get back to Israel I was in touch with a few people who soon will be celebrating 50 year wedding anniversaries! Mazel Tov to them all! How does that connect to this Portion? Just the number 50?
Many people are really flipping out over the last 50 days of "corona-lockdown". WE NEED SOME INSPIRATION AND HOPE to help get us all through! What's better than ancient miracles? Why :
The miracle of 50 yovel years and the promise of freedom for all ...
and G-d bless those approaching or Who made the miracle of 50 years of marriage
and may the Almighty keep well those of 50 Age (or plus - or minus)
And Bless those who did or didn't go SO crazy during the last 50 days of this crazy shut down!
So, Bless the G-d of Abraham and all of us
with prayers for health and Shabbos and love and connections and friendships ...

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
Reb Shlomo - simchat shlomo - ishbitz - cry from the heart chakuk emuna
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz