Portion Teruma - . Pray for ... Purim?

Portion Teruma - . Pray for ... Purim?
Purim ... and viruses?
A number of top Rabbis were at the Westrrn Wall this week praying for corona-victims and for a remedy.
Israel has a new diagnostic method and is working on a cure.
If we come up with something - will the world care?
Is it possible the Corona Virus is here to wake up the whole world to .... stop antisemitism?
Knock some sense into Iran?
Remind world leaders that we all live on the same planet?
Teruma -   this week's portion  - means " Raise up  " ... could it mean Wake Up?
Pablo Neruda wrote his poem Levantete (Get Up ) in Chile. Did he like Jews? Did he blame the Jews for his being exiled? Ever read the poem?
Terumah.  It talks about building a Holy Sanctuary in the Sinai Desert!
Get the point?
What really do we need from This World and what from The Next or Other - Spiritual World?
Such a long portion and also the next few ... All Dealing with Building a Temple
A Sanctuary ... something that starts in our hearts...not quick but important
Our world is a desert with lots of issues...
The Torah teaches us to build Holy Sanctuaries.
Noah failed.
Moses succeeded.
Got the picture?
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz