Portion Shimote : Ghosts of Cain and Able?

 Portion Shimote : Ghosts  of Cain and Able?
How did those guy s from 20 generations before get into our story here?
In our portion  the Family of Israel  is Forged  from the Tribes. What tribes? They just got to Egypt!
Who invented Family, anyway? Not the Egyptians, for sure, despite their "advanced culture"!
Early on - in the beginning - Eve and Adam have their woes !
Soon after, Cain kills Able, and then Cain's grandson kills him !
So, Is the Torah a murder mystery?  It's supposed to be a Handbook for  Fixing the World! 
Our teachers say the saga of Moses and Aron which begins here is to fix the problem of brotherly  strife 
The dedication of Shifra and Puah who stood up to Pharaoh -
is to teach the power of good women to save the  future (and allow the tribes of Israel to develop).
And the tribes... Well...  We have a Nation here in Formation -
Room for every type of personality - AND FAMILIES!
Room to study and learn about how to build a 
"Nation under G-d" - in the  coming portions 
And may we all be blessed with a great Shabbos!
Shabbat shalom 
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz