Portion BeHaAhLotCha - by Word of G-.d: and All Those Prophecies

Portion BeHaAhLotCha - by Word of G-.d:  and All Those Prophecies


The books of the Prophets are not well known to even the religiously observant.

In general we learn a little about the prophecies in the weekly Haftora, and some references if we learn Talmud.

This year many weeks we read a different portion in Israel from the Torah portion read in the Diaspora, must make us wonder  how the Torah "is Unity",  and how we are taught that Shema Yisrael means that G-d is Unity, and how can the Kabala explain that "Israel and the Torah is Unity" (to say nothing of our concept that the world must be together to fulfill the G-dly purpose)?

Here this week in Israel I want to give a bit of insight from where we read potion BeHaAhLoatCha: 

The Fourth Aliyah has a simple but DEEP

Meaning for us all in just one Sentence   !

Al Pi Hashem, the (Israelites in the desert) camped and traveled by special Orders of the L-ord

  Last week the Torah portion set the Camping formation of the Israelite Army - protecting the Sanctuary whih was built to travel in the desert

This week the Army's Traveling formation is set – and it is used for 40 years

I believe the whole Tanach ( all the Jewish Bible thru the Megillas and Tehilim  ) need to be understood as a whole - to understand a small part of G-d's plan of UNITY of time and purpose

So this week I ask you from the Book of Joshua (which follows the 5 Books of Moses) – did the Army of Israel relate to the camping and the traveling formation of ther 40 years in the desert?

Next week's portion has the Haftora where Joshua sends 2 spies into Canaan,  just as the Israelites are about to enter Israel and attack the Canaanites

Does Joshua keep the formation? Does he camp the same way during the following 7 years of wars and 7 years of dividing the land among the tribes?

 The answer is in that one sentence from our portion BeHa ah LoteCha – that EVERYTHING DEALING WITH Israelite Camp Formation WAS PER THE DIRECTION OF THE ALMIGHTY.

And so with our OWN journeys and major changes in life.

 We can look at everything in parts – but EVERYTHING CAN BE OVERCOME SUCCESSFULLY if we view the WHOLE as MUCH MORE THAN THE PARTS,  and everything in our lives being totally interconnected.

The Israelites marched into Israel – after beating (against all odds)  the attacking Amalekites, the armies of Og and Balak and Sichon!

Joshua now changes  tactics, but the CAMPING and MARCHING FORWARD as per the Almighty's Idea - stays the same – and

Leads us with SUCCESS into the PROMISED LAND

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz