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Who are we anyway? People? Jews? Children of Abraham and Sarah?
Who needs these Bible stories anyway? As tomorrow we begin a NEW ROUND OF READING OUR HOLY WORKS?
Well =- the WORLD for one!
Look at this beautiful world and the advancement of technology - which lead to ...
well ....
sales of Apple (computers) and Facebook (not face to face) communication.
and wars and abuses - with every day a new abuse coming forward -
so that the Nobel Prize today was awarded TO (see Yahoo news):
The Bible story of Cain and Abel has a twist that Rabbi Carlebach taught:
Okay - Caid did the unthinkable - but WHERE WAS THE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BROTHERS (or sisters?)?
The Origins of Humanity start in the Bible with THINKING EMOTING PEOPLE -
Not with monkeys or ants - who do what they do BUT HAVE NO CONNECTION TO HUMANIZING ACTIONS.
Rabbi Neria explains the Beginnning of Man as per the Bible:
to teach MAN and WOMAN that there is a special GIFT from the Almighty:
We Must -and we CAN - CREATE KEDUSHA-
to bring kedusha - HOLINESS into a world filled with wild (two legged) animals and senseless massacres!
The Bible teaches SHARING of HOLINESS AND COMPASSION AND FORTHOUGHT (not onslaught) actions!
This brings good feelings to us - AND to the Almighty - fulfils the PURPOSE OF MAN AND WOMAN
 AND SHOULD GIVE US ENERGY for the coming Torah cycle.
Shabbat Shalom
Blessings from Israel
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz