Portion Shelach – what did you really see?

Portion Shelach – what did you really see?
This week's portion starts with the spies sent by Moshe to
scout out Israel (Canaan)
before the Israelites entered the land.
Rabbi Carlebach always said "You have to look at Israel with
Moshiach Eyes
" – eyes of hope love and togetherness!
Somehow the spies missed seeing the beauty there.
The Zohar and Kabbala look at the portion as an attempt by some
to keep Israelites focused in the desert – and in the end
that's what happened – but
with all the generation passing away BEFORE they could enter
Israel with their children.
Rabbi Silver of Yeshiva Simchat Shlomo (the Sholom Brodt Yeshiva) in Jerusalem
Tied the failure of the spies to their
despair of their children succeding to enter the land of Israel.
But don't we know today that the potential of our children -
and everyone's children -
Never give up on children - or anyone! 
And if you don't have kids-
Learn how to optimize your own inner child too!
As best we can we should look at each person and each situation - and help
That is also why Shabbos is such a great gift -
it gives us a time and a way to reflect to understand - and to bring people together to try
to bring out the Best of the World.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz