Portion Vah Aiy Rah Getting out

Portion Vah Aiy Rah Getting out
I can PROVE 
Everything in the Torah is for US 
and for right now and for TODAY (and every generation)
Like I was on a bus yesterday in Jerusalem and an
Old Russian guy starts talking to everyone near the front saying
"you know I came here (Israel) as a kid years ago from White Russia -
 where the Russians were afraid of us -
 not like how they do whatever they want in the Ukraine ...
but there was no work in industry (like today) so I went back!
But I ended up a soldier in Afganistan!
If anyone looked suspicious to us we killed them.
Yes we had casualties - but probably less than 10000 -
while maybe we killed a million that were out to get us.
But here I am - I don't know how - back - 
and I wish I could teach the government to let the soldiers protect themselves..."
In this portion we start off with the ALMIGHTY telling Moshe
"Five Ways to get out" (Of Egypt - And for us - forever)
HeVeyTee (I Myself will bring you to Israel)
So open your hearts how this portion spoke to the Russian guy
1 The old man as a kid got out of Russia
2 He left Israel's unemployment
3 as a soldier he had to use his weapon - but it kept him alive
4 He got out of Russia again with a little pension from years of work
AND like 5  HeyVey Tee (the Almighty says "I will bring you myself to ISRAEL!)
he is now back in Israel - more appreciative I think!
And it reminds me of how some Rebbes escaper the Nazis in WW II:
the Gerer Rebbe - came before the war  and got some property
Lubavitcher Rebbe sat in a Russian prison ...but was so strong the Russians Needed to release him ...and send him away!
Bobover Rebbe knocked off a Nazi officer - and  came out fighting them - and escaped
The Belzer Rebbe was smuggled from here to there until he got out to Haifa
Rabbi Carlebach's family was saved by a former worker  .... because they kept her out of jail!
And here we are in Israel today waiting for the whole people of Israel to be connected here!
Let's all get out of our binds and be elevated in spirits
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz