Portion VaYishLach was Dina a girl or what?

Portion VaYishLach  was Dina a girl or what?
   In this portion Dina ... Daughter of
   Lea...gets in trouble and her brothers  save her by knocking off the kidnappers
   So who was she?
   Some Rabbis wrote that she was really supposed to be the daughter of Rachel
  But Lea prayed her sister should not  be embarassed by not having a boy and the son reserved for Lea was born to Rachel
  And Lea got Dina ...a daughter with   some male strengths that got her in  trouble with the local Canaanites
   So whatever you teach your daughters  ... teach them to protect themselves
  And may we all be blessed with close  knit happy family relationships
  Shabbat Shalom
  Rabbi Andy Eichenholz