Portion BeHaahlotcha The Journey Begins

 Portion BeHaahlotcha The Journey Begins
  Rebbe Nachman taught that we are all on a
  Lifelong journey with ups and downs -
and that The Almighty makes us resilient -
  to learn to get up from the pitfalls of life
This portion is filled with pitfalls - and PULLUPS!  
Directions for Exercises for the SOUL!
There are so many but let's look at a few...
The Torah in the ark in our Synagogues
  represents the ark in the Tabernacle in the desert.
When the Israelites travelled Moses sang 
(like WE do when we take out the Torah to read...)
But the Portion does not say Moses prayed
  "Defeat our enemies"
  But he sang
"  Scatter your enemies" -
Please teach us also to know how
to Make them disappear - don't make us fight them (unless we sometimes HAVE to).
Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach always taught that our lifelong journey is 
both to the insides of the insides of us
 and also to  outside and around us - to see what we really need
Like in the Portion Moshe Rabaynu recognizes that the people need
help in the desert - which he asks from his Father-in-Law Yitro
and more spiritual prophetic leaders - like Hashem sends 
in the form of 70 elders ...
Inside us - we need to cleanse and Strive for Holiness
like the pallbearers who could not enjoy the Passover Seder
'There were Tamed men ... carrying the shevatim ....brothers of Joseph"
Who were Given 30 days to get past their ritual impurity
AND Miriam who was given 7 days to get back on course to holiness
after saying uncomplimentary things ...
ALL these lessons the Almighty gives us in this portion and more
A blueprint
And we must help each other follow it to Holiness
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz