Portion Emor on Mothers Day Mourning and FESTIVALS

Portion Emor on Mothers Day Mourning and FESTIVALS
In this portion we are told that theKohain Priest
Can mourn close relatives when they
pass on
And the end of the portion reviews allthe joyous festivals
Of the Israelite peoples ( us   )
This Sunday the holiday of Lag B Omerfalls out on Mothers Day
On Lag B Omer we celebrate - 
   not mourn -   the day of Going to Heaven of
The Great Spiritual Master Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.
While my own MOM passed away many years ago
And the yahrzeit of my DAD is coming up soon
I must remember with happiness all their good and help and love.
So too did the Great Masters leave us with great love and a Power of the Torah
We are ALL tied togetber on this earth
Whether by spirit ...  
or by the negativiy that the evil in
the world uses to
Bring our spirits low
So learn from the portion that The Almighty grants us 
the Closeness of our Moms and
the Festivals to raise our spirit
And share an extra measure of these
On Shabbat
On Lag B Omer and
Mothers Day
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz