Portion BO - 10 Whacks or 10 Smacks? (I mean kisses)

Portion BO - 10 Whacks or 10 Smacks? (I mean kisses)
Two Parts or Ten? Last week's portion told of the first 7 plagues in Egypt
while this week we read of the "last Three the Alighty sent to "fix" Egypt!
So this week we will have a two-part ten-part single message from the Torah
10 Whacks or 10 Smacks? (I mean kisses)
Rabbi Eliezer Melamed wrote this week quoting the Zohar (Kabala) 
based on a prophecy in the Book of Tzefania) that
the 10 plagues were a Punishment to Egypt (for corrupting G-d's world)
but a HEALING for Israel (who had gotten too used to Egyptian ways!
So why break the 10 down into 7 and 3?
A quick answer is that 7 is the way the Almighty created and loved the world-
hence the Shabbat is the seventh - 
and so many other things G-d loves.
Most of the Israelites got in tune with the Almighty by the seventh plague!
Even SOME Egyptians yelled at Pharoah
The three (as it says in Ecclesiastes by King Solomon)
"three together doesn't unwind" - 
and the last three MIGHTY plagues
were a lasting reminder to Egypt - and even Pharoah "got it" - for a while
Whacks to the Wicked and Smacks (kisses) to the Israelites!
The second part of this week's message was sent me from Dr. "Mo Rothkopf" 
(the holiest eye doctor in the universe)
and I quote a bit of it here:
The definition of a slave is that even his time belongs to his master. 
The first mitzva that HaShem gives the Jews (in Egypt) is 
"Hachodesh hazeh lochem",
 that you are now becoming masters over time ... 
so that when you declare the new moon 
even the bais din shel maaleh the heavenly courts 
abide by your decision as is seen Rosh Hashana...
May we all use our power over time to utilize it for good and to be free from the constraints of time, amen.

The parsha goes on to tell us the laws ... 
"Guard the matza, it means watching it to make sure that it doesn't become chametz and...don't read matzos but mitzva 
so when a mitzva comes to your hand, do it right away and don't let it become chametz....
The Torah alludes to this by preceding the laws of Pesach by the plague of darkness.
 The darkness was so thick that a man could not see his friend. 
Galus (exile) is when there is no sensitivity to our friends needs. That is darkness.
(Redemption) The Geula comes about by opening our hearts and hands to the need of others. ...
May HaShem bless all klal  Yisroel (the people of Israel)
with abundant wealth on the level of matza,
 to appreciate our freedom is based on the freedom to act on behalf of others 
knowing there will always be enough matza to perform our own needs. Shabbat shalom 

Love from Israel
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz