Portion of Balak (in Israel) - STORY TIME

Portion of Balak (in Israel) - STORY TIME


Someone remarked this week that this portion is ALL STORY! 
No laws no commandments - just a couple of stories.
A couple of wizzards and a couple of wars, a talking donkey and the richest miser in the world!
A wicked king sends his emissaries to the miser to bribe him -and he tells them to sleep over - 
and they are OUT OF THERE before breakfast! So he doesn't have to feed them!


The Opposite of Abraham who FEEDS EVERYONE
The Opposite of Joseph who FEEDS THE WHOLE WORLD!


The wizzards try to CURSE the Israelites who are camped PEACEFULLY and
TRYING to make connections and treaties with the WORLD who rejects every entreaty -

THE NATIONS ARE NOT understanding that

The Almighty wants Israel to lead the world to PeacefulPlenty - 
all the wizzards can do is try to trick the Israelites by offering them indulgences in the hope that they will SIN-
and 24000 do sin
and also one leader - who is slain by Pinchas - the forebear of Elijah the Prophet.
Getting everone back to reality - and getting Israel ready to conquer the wicked -
and create a peace loving kingdom for almost 800 years -
worshipping one-ness and togetherness.
(Next Week's portion culminates in the laws of 
sacrificing for the peace of all nations-
a whole different "story" - so tune in!)

Shabbat Shalom and Love from Jerusalem

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

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