Portion of Teruma: Where does G-d live anyway?

Portion of Teruma: Where does G-d live anyway?
In last week's portion we read "the sky was open and the people of Israel saw the AlMighty
and below his feet was a street of Saphire...
Thank you Eitan for lending me one of your favorite seforim (Holy Books) -where I read the Medrash
That when the sky opened and the people saw the Almighty
"The people saw the Angels encamped around the L-rd- in a holy way
and they wanted to do the same"
It is written in our POrtion that the Almighty said  
"And you shall build me a sanctuary and I shall dwell amongt you" 
and according to the medrash it means "the same as I dwell among my Angels on High
I can dwell among you "
The Kabbalist Masters answer "Where does G-d dwell? Wherever you let G-d in"
And so Israel built a sanctuary in the desert - and kept it also in Israel a few hundred years-
Until Solomon built the Great Temple in Jerusalem
and we maintain our synagogues wherever we go - so that
a little G-dliness can dwell within us and amongst us!
Especially on Shabbat
Love from Israel
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz