Portion of Yitro AND Mishpatim - Speilberg would need 8 screens to describe these two!‏

Yitro and Mishpatim:  Speilberg would need 8 screens to describe these two!


What do we see from Yisro – Jethro?  How you can believe in G-d in today's world?


There were  no miracles like "frogs, lice, darkness and killing of Egypt's first born"

But Jethro heard Israel had escaped from Egypt – and he believed in G-d and came to Moses


"And there was thunder and lightning … and the mountain burned …" (portion of Yitro)

Jethro's heart lit up – right away – and he came to join the Israelites


So why tell the story of Mount Sinai a little differently in Mishpatim?


"And the people sacrificed and ate – and saw the L-rd the All-Mighty … and like a street of sapphire below his feet"


Jethro is the story of acceding to the quick acceptance of FAITH


And Mishpatim ("Laws") – where the Israelites sacrificed and accepted the Covenant with the Almighty -


That is the story of BUILDing on FAITH – and how to believe in G-d today and for always


Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz