Portion Bereishis – Who's world IS it Anyway?

Portion Bereishis – Who's world IS it Anyway?

Wherever I turn in my life I see a hand mixing in – I worked nights across the street from the World Trade Center – until just before that fateful day 9/11. I would have been going into the subway at the time it collapsed –except that my employers went bankrupt just before and let us all go! Someone called the shots and I survived – to hand out water  to thirsty people escaping the disaster.

Every day the sun shines and we don't die from Ozone poisoning I see the hand of the Almighty saying (and great people like Maimonides reminding us)– enjoy the sun – but don't overdo it. And make it BETTER!

Call it G-d call it fate – there IS more than we see – and it has been keeping us for thousands of years from destroying our world or – G-d forbid – each other. Thank G-d!

And this Shabbat we start learning the Torah of Mount Sinai and Moses and the Jewish People who miraculously escaped Egypt – AND NOW ARE BACK STARTING A NEW COUNTRY – ISRAEL – in our OLD HOMELAND – and the greatest GIFT the worlddoes NOT recognize – is that WE CAN START ANEW EVERY DAY! What a Blessing!  BEREISHIS – Beginnings.

Thank the L-rd for new days new beginnings a constantly RENEWING TORAH –
and for the Day of Shabbos when we can PRACTICE APPRECIATING ALL THESE.

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz