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Home Shabbat Parashat Hashavua Portion Vayera - From the Worst to the Best?

Portion Vayera - From the Worst to the Best?

Portion Vayera - From the Worst to the Best?

The portion CONTRASTS the faithfulness of Abraham with the corruption and evil in Sodom,
where Abraham's nephew went to live.

Rabbi Neriya's (OB"M) book talking on this portion points out about the difference 
between "knowing G-d's Will" (to do) 
and knowing "G-d Knowledge" (on a spiritual plane). 

Here we have Abraham teaching the world not to perform human sacrifice to idols - 
And he is commanded to take his son and put him on the alter on the Temple Mount!

Maimonides was a Master of all that, - the difference between
G-d knowledge - and knowing what G-d's REAL WILL is - something Abraham had to learn.

The Torah Story teaches us that: It is something one learns ONLY by Faithfully Testing Oneself with 

the Commands of the Almighty (as written in the Torah)!

So ....  Not so many people are aware how the "Bal Haturim" (as he was called)

was also a truly great Master of all that.  

(He wrote the Arba Turim
which are the standard reference books of all rabbis and scholars to this very day).

Known as Rabbi Jacob ben Asher - he also wrote a commentary on the Torah, which shows his deep knowledge of the secrets of the Torah. 

In discussing the evilness of Sodom, he explained the use of the word "Poh" (here) "Where Lote the nephew lived"

he explained the numerical connection between POH - place of Evil, "85 gematria"

and the name BOAZ
Grandfather of King David

"Poh" from the story of anshei sedom

teaching G-d's will - is that OUR JOB - 


And bring forth redemption 
With the Boaz people of the world !

Shabat Shalom and Health to all

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

לכבוד שבת קודש


בבקשה להתפלל לרפואת: הרב דוד בן מרגלית שליט"א, עזרא בן שמחה, בבקשה להתפלל לזרע בר קיימא בקרוב לנופית הודיה בת רחל ודויד שלמה בן שושנה ולזרע בר קימא בקרוב למירב המזל בת גאולה ונועם בן לאה וחזרה בתשובה לעידן בן שולמית ושי שלומי בן שולמית ודינה תרצה בת ורדה רגינה ולבשורות טובות ישועות ונחמות לכל עם ישראל

לעילוי נשמת

לעילוי נשמת מרת טליה בת עזריאל לייב ז"ל ת.נ.צ.ב.ה.
לעילוי נשמת עליזה פרומה בת מרדכי ז"ל ת.נ.צ.ב.ה.
לעילוי נשמת ר' מרדכי בן ברוך ז"ל ופאולה פייגלה בת אליעזר ז"ל ת.נ.צ.ב.ה.

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