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Home Shabbat Parashat Hashavua Portion in Iisrael Acharei & in Exile : Passover 8 th Day

Portion in Iisrael Acharei & in Exile : Passover 8 th Day

 Portion in Iisrael Acharei & in Exile : Passover 8 th Day

Drama in the Talmud

The Ceasar in Rome used Rabbi Yehosua Ben Chananya as a wise advisor - but

what Started with their discussion of whether since the Garden of Eden story - if
The snakes are the Most Cursed ...( bring death and eat live animals too)

Ended up with Ceasar Sending him off to debate the wisest of the world - In Athens

and the Loser dies - either in Athens or Rome!

One example of the debate - the Athens Scholars asked the Rabbi to prove -

which eggs come from Balck chickens and which from White chickens!

What does a Rabbi do - showed them some goat cheeses and asked THEM

which came from a Black goat and which from a White!

Based on MaHarShah ... and Rav Kook - the debate was REALLY about the world -

Is there a holy SPIRIT that can't die! Where do we come from - and where do we "go"!

The Exodus of Israel (Passover) ... is proof there is POTENTIAL redemption of the world!
And there is Life after Death
A holy prediction - that the WORLD needs to learn!

According to Rav Abergil - 
that is the kabbalistic view of the four sons and the four questions! (from the seder)

And the Answer from the Seder?  That the

Wise son and Wicked son Must eventually sit at the Seder together

 to Fill the Voids of Spirituality in the World!

What is the biggest "life after death" question?

 This portion Acharei speaks of the passing of Aron's 2 sons in the Temple in the desert!
Like my grandfather (aged 93) asked me after his two sons passed away before him (3 daughters survived him)

Is their spirit still alive? My uncle Mo and my uncle Irving!

Based on the teachings of the four sons from the hagada 
and the next 49 days of Omer Counting - our tradition and history would say

Some day we will ALL sit together at the Seder of the Moshiach and G-d

Happy Holiday and Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

לכבוד שבת קודש


בבקשה להתפלל לרפואת: הרב שמריהו יוסף חיים בן פעשא מרים, יגאל שלמה בן שושנה מהין ובני משפחתו, בבקשה להתפלל לזרע בר קיימא בקרוב לנופית הודיה בת רחל ודויד שלמה בן שושנה ולזרע בר קימא בקרוב למירב המזל בת גאולה ונועם בן לאה וחזרה בתשובה לעידן בן שולמית ושי שלומי בן שולמית ודינה תרצה בת ורדה רגינה ולבשורות טובות ישועות ונחמות לכל עם ישראל

לעילוי נשמת

לעילוי נשמת מרת טליה בת עזריאל לייב ז"ל ת.נ.צ.ב.ה.
לעילוי נשמת עליזה פרומה בת מרדכי ז"ל ת.נ.צ.ב.ה.
לעילוי נשמת ר' מרדכי בן ברוך ז"ל ופאולה פייגלה בת אליעזר ז"ל ת.נ.צ.ב.ה.

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