Portion of Matos-and-Masay

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What a week – Egypt in turmoil again, the world ignoring civil war in Syria, Tunisia starting it’s own re-revolution – and the world keeps claiming ISRAEL is the problem, and ISRAEL should give half of Jerusalem to the Fatah leaders in Ramallah – etc. 

So too at the time of the Israelites coming to Canaan - Moab and Midian and Canaanites were all at war with each other - and ALL TURNED ON MOSES AND THE TRIBES - because they feared the MORALITY of Israel 

So after the wars with Balak and Og and Sichon, after 40 years wandering the desert, the Israelites are told by G-d to appoint 1000 soldiers from each tribe to conquer the Midianites who tried to help Balak destroy the Israelite people before they got to Canaan. 

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach explained the words of the Apter Rav – 

that hidden holy people were chosen by their peers – to win the war and protect Israel’s Eastern flank when the tribes entered the Promised Land. (see below the Hebrew text). 

And who are the holy hidden people ? Their neighbors knew – because they were ALWAYS there to HELP – and asking nothing in return. 

- Rabbi Norman Lamm - retiring from Yeshiva University -wrote this week about Jewish Courage: 

Biblical Judah was big enough to admit that he was small. He confesses a mistake. He can experience guilt and confront it creatively. He does not offer any tortured rationalizations to vindicate himself. He says simply and forthrightly: tzadkah mimmeni (Gen. 38:26), she was right and I was wrong. 

And with that statement Judah is transformed into a Jewish hero, a role model - and a self-critical man of moral courage. He concedes guilt. He knows that he is guilty with regard to Joseph, and together with his brothers he says aval ashemim anachnu, "indeed, we are guilty.” 

You dont see that with the political leaders of the world who blame Israel - and the Jews - for the troubles they themselves propagate. 

So after the Torah Reading this week we have to say " Chazak Chazak v Nit Chazek -
be strong and strengthen each other" 

say YES to Israel
say NO to pressure on Israel
say "we will be there to help one another" 


- and that is what we are here for. 

Shabbat Shalom 

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz (in Israel)